What if I have two different color eyes?

The most important component is skin tone. As long as you select one of your eye colors, it will still match. 

Should I choose a darker skin tone if I like to be dark?

Select your natural skin tone for the most natural tan. Choosing a darker skin tone will not make you darker. You control how dark your tan gets depending on how long you leave it on for. 1 hour for light tan, 2 hours for medium, 3 hours for dark. For an extra dark tan, apply two coats and rinse at 3 hours.

How many applications are in each bottle?

As each client is different, this is dependent on how much product is used and how many layers are added during the application process. However, on average anywhere from 6-8 applications are in each bottle.

What is your return policy?

All Sales Final. As our products are personal care items made custom for you and only you, all sales are final.